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A brief display of catches when using TackleShop products



We don't do things by halves at HST Fishing!

Here Lyndsey Bishop presents his first ever trophy Rainbow and PB caught near Twizel.

20 and 1/4lb secured on our own exclusive REDTAIL spinner in Scales pattern, on the second cast!

Incredible fish and this was not released, destined for the smoker for Christmas delights!



Meet Jean, our Production Manager.

Early April, while using one of our own designed REDTAIL spinners, she handled this with absolute finesse!

Talk about a happy angler!

15lb Salmon at Ohau C canal, near Twizel.

(The very same lure bagged her husband Lyndsey a PB Brown and first trophy Trout, 10lb from Lake Waitaki.)



Another happy customer of ours, Glen Rutherford of Queenstown shows off a 20lb Brown caught midwinter 2015.

Caught from Twizel canals area where the big Trout are everyday for those smart enough to out-trick them.

This was in -7 degree temps, only the tough can endure those conditions and Glen sure deserves this reward!



Greg Terras from Christchurch with a nice juicy Rig caught on a North Canterbury beach

on our exclusive PRAWN STAR rig in 4/0.

The PRAWN STAR is a half tied shrimp pattern allowing for a natural prawn or shrimp bait to slip up behind the snood knot on the hook.




Two great Golden Bay Snapper of 11 and 12kg respectively

caught using our exclusive Ken'ichi Circle hooks in 6/0.

Brian was overjoyed with this awesome pair!



Great catch on Senshi Recurve hooks exclusive to Hot Shotz / Tackleshop secured

$100 worth of tackle for this lucky guy!

Well done on that catch, gorgeous Snappa!



Kingie from Kenepuru on 4/0 Hot Shotz Lil Shrimpy in Chartreuse.

These rigs come alive when in the water such is the result of our

testing and product development here at TackleShop.

They are tied so the synthetic fibres swish about to look like real Shrimp legs and feelers.



Canterbury angler GREG GILBERT with a superb Kaikoura beach caught MOKI.

Greg secured this on a Ken'ichi Circle 3/0 and took out our inaugural FaceBook Photo Competition for May 2013.

$100 worth of tackle product heading your way Greg, well done!




Canterbury angler Keith Chin secured this awesome Canal caught Salmon on a Redtail Silverado 16gm




Canterbury angler Simon Barnes netted this nice fat Rainbow (among several others that day) on a Mister Twister Pond Craw soft bait.